Singer/songwriter. Worship leader. Friend.


Welcome and thank you for wanting to get to know more about me. I love so many things about what I do, however what I love most is the fact that it ushers relationships into my life. Don't hesitate to reach out and say hi or ask any questions you may have. Below I have painted a small picture of my inner value system. These are the things that the north on my compass point towards. For booking inquiries, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Family- I believe the reason for all of this... the chaos, the pain, the victory, the longing to create and the desperation to be known is simply to draw us closer to one another. We were made to come together and celebrate what we see in one another. Art has always been a catalyst for movement because when we turn our skin inside out and invite the world to know who we truly are we entangle our story, our root system with others. Family is everything. Family is God's heart. Music is simply one means of stewarding it well. 

Writing- One of the burdens that keeps me up at night is the call to not only tell my story but to pave the way for others to tell theres. I believe that nothing is more powerful than God's kids extracting their innermost experiences and courageously pushing them past boundaries and into the world. Through walking deeper into intimacy with Jesus we have a commission over us to document what we find in order to expand our map of who God is and who we are. The Church must be doing this within their congregations. Individuals must be doing this within the world and amidst culture. Its not a matter of shifting what we are doing as artists to sound more "Christian". Its a matter of identifying the source and truth behind what is naturally coming out of us. Gen 1:1 "In the beginning, God created..." If we aren't creating as well, we are missing out and so is everyone around us.

Worship- Not a genre. Worship is a heart posture that naturally is a part of everything that I do. Within me there is a deep hunger to engage in praising Jesus within the context of His church as well as without. It is an essential part of my life to pull the Church body into the heart of God. It is also essential that I tell my story and world views through my craft outside of the four walls. I want to live a life where worship is what comes from my heart without striving. This all begins behind closed doors. Our external worship is simply an overflow of our internal posture. This can be seen, heard and felt within the art that we produce. 

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