I think life as a songwriter is less about what I can do and more about what I can see

I had a simple childhood running through acres of almond orchards and building classic cars with my Grandfather. When I was 7 years old I started racing cars as a hobby which ended up flourishing into my life and career of choice. 14 years later at the height of my involvement in the sport, I traded my helmet and all I had known for a guitar and a dream to follow Jesus. Since then I have written hundreds of songs, a few of which have seen the light of day through several projects (love is, Rock of Roseville worship and more presently, Brett Miller). In the past 8 years of writing songs and leading worship I have come to find that my place in this world is as a journalist. Rather than straining my eyes at the top of the music charts to draw inspiration, I want to observe my surroundings and extract as much beauty as I can. I have found (and am continuing to find) that God knows the terrain He has placed us in and wants us to explore. I have spent much of my life trying to restructure and climb out of my surroundings which has produced much pain and anxiety. In the end, I'm fairly certain life as a songwriter is less about what I can do and more about what I can see. I pray that as you engage with what I make, it pulls you into an environment that encourages confrontation with who you truly are and who Jesus really is. Welcome to my universe of desperate questions, shaky answers and beautiful testimonies. Stay as long as you like but please... eventually I ask that you go document your own.  -Brett L Miller



Brett Lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife Jessica and 2 year old daughter Briar.