Hello crew! I promise once we hit the studio our posts will be coming in faster than you guys can keep up. In the mean time, I wanted to invite you in on a little look into what writing has looked like in this season. The song above that I invite you in on is a result of a very introverted (almost hermit like) season. I sat down on a rainy day and wanted to combat the feeling of darkness with something light and filled with hope. I have always found Jesus in my surroundings so naturally I look at what he has brought into my life and I identify Him. My wife Jessica is an incredible florist. She puts together arrangements that leave me speechless with ease. I found a simple hope in the fact that regardless of the season of a wedding or event, there were flowers available for her to make something with. They are constantly changing based on the season but they are alive nonetheless. I decided to sculpt a song around the idea that "In every season there's a flower thats in bloom".  

Brett Miller