We had such a beautiful day yesterday in the studio. I had two facial expressions all day... jaw on the floor or grinning ear to ear. We put in 7 hours of work writing and tracking piano for the record. Molly Skaggs was the artist we brought in to create what to me is some of the most beautiful sounds I have ever had accompany my songs. Making a record is a beautiful and sometimes painful process. Painful when you have to grind away in secret behind closed doors and cross your fingers that what you are saying through your craft translates. Beautiful when you can stand at the intersection as simple ideas blossom into reality. Its hard to describe what I have been experiencing here in NC. I know it will all translate through this record. My producer Everett Hardin is the backbone to this entire project. Without him I have no idea where all of this would be. He has the ability to hear my ideas before I can even apply language to them. I simply get to walk into the studio, pour my unfiltered Ideas out on the table and watch him collect them and take them to a whole new level. This week we move into tracking more acoustic guitar then Luke Skaggs comes in to track electric guitar, lap steel and a bunch of awesome aux instrumentation. Things are moving along beautifully. Also, we woke up to snow today on my day off which was rather magical. 


Brett Miller