We are back home in California. Im currently sitting in a coffee shop in our hometown of Roseville listening back to our rough mixes from NC. I can't tell you guys how proud I am of what we accomplished in a month. Though the way we made this record was exhausting... (basically in the studio all day tracking 9-5 monday-friday) I feel like doing it this way captured something we wouldnt have been able to capture otherwise. I was talking with my producer Everett about the process and how operating within the framework we set left little room to actually process the decisions we made. I actually like that. In this technology advanced world I feel a lot of what we hear has been manipulated until perfection which actually pulls a lot of life out of the end product. This is completely an art in its self so I am in no way bashing it! I however, wanted to take a different approach to this album. I feel like a part of my identity as an artist is utilizing my imperfections as art. Taking an organic approach to this project has left me feeling so much peace. This record is an art exhibit. It is honest, deep and will make everyone dig for answers lyrically. This is exactly what I wanted. I am so excited for you all to dive in : ) . Where do things stand now? Well, we have more tracking to do. Everett does anyways. We are currently mapping our strings for the album (cello and violin) as well as marking where we want background vocals. Once those are complete.. we send these tracks off to get mastered. Then we get the masters! I will be sitting with our visuals team to make a plan for album artwork as well as (drumroll please) planning a music video for our single. This record right now is scheduled to be released in its entirety in October, 2017. You all will hear it before then... and the single will be released before october sometime... you all will see the video before then as well. Love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and support through this whole journey. 


Brett Miller