Today we are entering into day 5 in the studio. It is such a surreal feeling to be here in NC with Jess and Briar. This journey has been so full of life even before we began seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the record itself. These last 4 days what we have been working on is pinning our song arrangements, laying down "scratch tracks" (which are a rough baseline that consist of simple vocals and some sort of undertones that capture our chord changes), tracking acoustic guitar played by yours truly and laying down drum tracks. For me, this record is deeply explorative. I have made music in the studio in the past.. but I have never embarked a project this large or professional. It has been amazing. These songs are being re imagined and brought to brilliant life. Tomorrow Molly Skaggs comes in to track piano (extremely excited for this). My vocals will be the very last thing we track the final week of our stay here in Boone, NC. We are absolutely homesick, we miss our family back in CA but we also know what we are pouring ourselves into and we believe in the impact it will have when we bring it home. The biggest prayer request I have is for strength both physically and emotionally. We are all pouring everything we have into this story. I have no doubt it will be an impactful artistic representation of who God is and how he thrives through the seasons. We love you all so much and we absolutely can not WAIT to share this with you all!

-Brett, Jess & Briar

Brett Miller