What does life look like now that my job is complete? Great question! Right now we are in a state of limbo which is why the updates have slowed down a bit. Heading into these next few months we are working on a  lot of crucial yet boring to look at processes in regards to the album. Most of what people see at the tail end of a release is the product of a lot of underground work. In the past with releases from my previous band I really neglected this side of things. I viewed it almost like "Hey, lets pour EVERYTHING we have into the recording process and just throw it up online. Maybe a label will pick it up and do everything else". I am really wanting to take a different approach with Topography. The current state of the music industry is kind of exciting. Its a DIY ocean of possibilities. That being said, it is incredibly saturated. I would get completely lost if I ditched everything and leaned solely on my ability alone. This is where I want to get totally vulnerable with you guys. My pastor Tim Coburn said from the platform one weekend, "I do not contain enough talent within me to provide a stable living for my family... God makes up the difference and God represents our provision." Yes sir. Could not have said it better than myself Tim. I believe in what I create. Well, sometimes I wrestle to believe in what I create. Either way, what I love about art is that beauty fills the gaps created by our inability if we choose to lean on our imperfections as a weapon rather than a hindrance. I know that in a musical theory battle I would absolutely get destroyed by most of the musicians I hang out with daily. However, I also know that I am the absolute best in the world at capturing my story and delivering it through my craft. I believe that no one else could tell my story through music better than me. That isn't arrogance, that is appreciation. The same is true for you! 

okay, lets direct this rabbit trail...

What I have been working hard on can be described as a "home" not only for this record, but for all of the crazy dreams I have in my heart that will follow as well. Topography is a beautiful beginning to the dream The Lord has placed in my chest and I am working hard to honor that best by making sure all of my bases are covered in preparation for this first album. I hope to have a snippet of a song for you all in the near future : ) I am just waiting for strings and background vocals to be added! I love you all so much and I can't thank you enough for your continued support through this process. 

Brett Miller