Hello family! I am so sorry for the length of time that has been stepping into my update process. My family and I have been in a state of constant ministry transition which has been taking up most of our free time. (Admittedly I was waiting for some exciting updates to share with you all! Now they are here!) Where are we with the record currently? We have background vocals COMPLETED. This is a massive milestone and we can't thank the extremely amazing Erin Duel enough for her involvement in this project. Also equally as exciting... Strings are almost done with this record! Just a couple more sessions to go. Then we step into some brass instrumentation. Thats right, we decided a song or two needed some wind instruments. I am amped. It was one of those situations where we have all been so blown away by the product so far we are now entering into "dream land" territory. We are asking ourselves what will send this message further now that we have an incredible foundation. Once that is completed we will be taking another step back, listening through the record and making any adjustments we want before setting our tracks in stone. Then we are on to mastering. Once we have the masters... you all will get to hear the entire record before anyone else. That day is approaching us (we still don't have an exact release date but we are constantly on the look out for one.) Also in the next couple weeks, we will be solidifying our album artwork. I will post are ideas on this page as we begin forming rough drafts. Thank you guys so much for reading and thank you for getting excited with us! The album is coming to brilliant life. 


Ps. Here is a little gift for you all... I want you all to read carefully... This clip is unmixed, unmastered and will sound somewhat messy. I simply wanted you all to get a taste of where we currently are. Here is a completely raw look into the unfinished process. You'll notice the vocals are currently tucked far into the mix because we are  listening closely to the strings and other instrumentation to make changes as we see fit. Enjoy this clip of a bridge/chorus!

Brett Miller